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Dos Toros

I decided that one day a week, I’ll go out for lunch. Not only will it break up my lunches, but it will also give me the opportunity to try a lot of new restaurants/food trucks in Manhattan. Leave any recommendations/requests below! Last Friday, I was ready to go get something to eat from UrbanSpaces, when an email was sent out saying there was free Dos Toros in the conference room. I confirmed with the other gluten free girl (who ordered the food) that it was 100% gluten free and she said yes! I was excited to save money as well as try Dos Toros.

On their menu, it says:


Only our flour tortillas (for burritos and quesadillas) contain gluten. Everything elseΒ is gluten free. Tacos, Platos, and Salads are a great gluten free choice.

The options were very similar to Chipotle and it was set up as such.

In my bowl, I had Mexican rice, pulled pork, cubed chicken, pinto beans, black beans, sautΓ©ed onions and peppers, lettuce, pice de gallo and guacamole. I also threw 4 chips on top but ate them before the picture. Oops!


It was delicious. The picture doesn’t do the actual taste and flavor justice. I wish I had more, but knew what I took was portion size.


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