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Terri – Green Power

I was sick the last week in March/beginning of April. When I say sick, I mean I had all the symptoms: fever, nausea, headache, cough, stuffy/nose nose, sore throat, diarrhea and vomiting. I was sick. Therefore, I had no appetite but knew I needed to continue to eat and drink to feel better and make a quick recovery.

One day at work, I decided to go get a smoothie because I couldn’t eat what I brought with me. I headed over to Terri’s. I pass it everyday on my walk to work and knew it would have some good options.

I was right. I decided to order the Green Power smoothie – kale, banana, pear almond butter and my choice of milk: almond, soy or coconut. I got almond milk to compliment the almond butter, but I really liked all of the non-dairy options.

Because I was sick and not in the proper mindset, I didn’t take a picture. I’m sorry! It was really good and filling. I was happy to get some fruit, vegetables, protein and healthy fats in there.

I looked over the entire menu and there were a lot of gluten free options for breakfast and lunch. I’ll have to stop by again and try the food because my smoothie was delicious! It was creamy and tasted like almonds and bananas. I’d highly recommend it for an on the Β go breakfast or lunch. You can also get protein powder added to the drink to make it more filling.


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