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Juice Press – Mother Earth

I got my appetite back towards the end of the week, but still had symptoms. I decided to supplement my diet with green juices. I took to google to find a juice place close to my office and found Juice Press. I really liked their premise and the fact that the juices were premade and packaged. I was all about the grab and go.

juicepressI did some research online so I wouldn’t go in overwhelmed. I got the Mother Earth juice in the mini size. It was only 70 calories for 11 oz. It had celery, kale, swiss chard, dandelion, parsley, lemon, ginger, cucumber and a probiotic. I picked it because it was full of vegetables and herbs. No bad stuff.

The juice had no aftertaste. It wasn’t the best tasting, (it was a green juice after all) but I chugged it down. I felt a lot better afterwards too. I believe it sped up my recovery so it was worth it.


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