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Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Green Juice

tjsjuicegreenContinuing with my juices, I picked up one while I was at Trader Joe’s. I was on the tail end of my sickness and wanted to knock the virus out of my system for good. I also decided not to buy the gluten free chocolate cupcakes (yay me!) so I bought the juice. I know. I make so much sense. It was a trade off.

The Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Green Juice had kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger. It had almost the same ingredients as the Mother Earth juice from Juice Press, but I enjoyed this juice more. It was a lot thinner and more liquidity. It was much easier to drink too.

If you’re sick, I’d recommend picking this juice up! Don’t forget to shake before drinking!


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