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Pamela’s Figgies & Jammies

I went to a different ShopRite and had to check out the gluten free aisle to see if there were any new products. I’m fully convinced that each supermarket is stocked with different products. Low and behold, there were! I sawย Pamela’s Figgies & Jammies and had to pick them up. I love fig newtons and was hoping they would taste the same.

There were 4 different flavors: mission fig, blueberry & fig, raspberry & fig and strawberry & fig. I decided to stay basic and go with the mission fig! I was so excited!


They looked just like fig newtons but larger! Even more exciting.


The outside cookie shell was a little dry, but the consistency was spot on with regular fig newtons. I was so excited that I had one each night.

Here is where the plot thickens. After 2 nights, I started to get an upset stomach. After 3 nights, I felt like I had eaten gluten. This was the only new food I introduced to my diet so I stopped eating them and all my issues disappeared. Good detective work Amanda. Not sure what my body didn’t like, but I threw them away. Has anyone else had the same experience? I know Pamela’s products are super popular, but I’m wary to try anything else.


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