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I was craving Greek/Mediterranean food. My mom and I always pass Mediterraneo after we’ve eaten and comment how delicious the food looks. We finally remembered to suggest it before we actually eat lunch and headed over. I didn’t realize that Greek and Mediterranean food were different as I was craving a Greek salad… It wasn’t on the menu so I had to switch up what I wanted.

I was deciding between the grilled angus skirt steak salad: arugula, fennel, roasted bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan and toasted pine nuts or the kebobs: gilled chicken, Mediterranean vegetables pilaf and yogurt sauce. My mom was deciding between the same 2 dishes, so we asked the waitress which she preferred. We both went with her suggestion, the kebabs.

My dad ordered the tuscany style orata fillet, which was arctic char, and it came with roasted potatoes, ligurian olives, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts.


He gobbled it down because the portion was small. It was definitely a lunch sized portion and since most restaurants don’t do a lunch size portion, only a lunch menu, it was surprising.

Our kebabs were the same size, but we had a little more to eat.


The chicken and vegetables were cooked and seasoned perfectly. It was very delicious.

I liked the lunch size portion and all the flavors. It was sort of pricey for lunch so I can only imagine the dinner prices. The restaurant was lovely and romantic. There are also tables for people to sit outside!

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