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The Sensible Fork – Dinner Take

I found a Groupon for The Sensible Fork and freaked out. I could eat at one of my favorite restaurants and save money! Amazing concept. I was also happy that Brandon would have the chance to eat there as well. I got the Groupon for dinner instead of brunch because I wanted to try something new!

I was told by the owner that any dish on their dinner menu can be made gluten free. That’s fantastic. Everything is also cooked separately to avoid cross contamination.

I started off with the fried artichokes. They were served with mixed greens, parmesan and a to die for balsamic vinegar.


The outside but crispy and the inside was super soft and flavorful. I meant to ask what it was breaded in, but forgot.

Brandon got the mozzarella caprese. He really liked his too. A good classic.


For dinner, I ordered my favorite, linguine with white clam sauce. It was amazing. The clams were a little sandy, but I loved it.


Brandon got the rigatoni melanzane not gluten free. It was pasta with roasted eggplant, mozzarella, tomato sauce and bread crumbs. I didn’t take a picture because he called it the gluten pasta. Boooooooooo.

We were also impressed with the portion size of our meals.

Anyway, of course we had to get dessert! When else are all the desserts on the menu gluten free? I got the cheesecake. I feel like they undersold it because it was a white chocolate chip cheesecake with raspberry sauce. A very pleasant surprise.


It was fantastic.

Brandon got the chocolate lava cake. He actually finished it! He does really love chocolate lava cake.


All in all, the food was delicious. I love not having to worry about anything at this restaurant. I have to say the service was terrible. I think the waiter was a friend of the owner because he wasn’t with it at all. It’s something we both looked past because of the menu.


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