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Passover Seder Night 1

Happy Passover 1 month later. Thought I would still give you all a recap of what I ate!

For the first night, we went to my parents and I was so excited. There’s nothing better than my mom’s cooking. I participated in the BYOMB: bring your own (gluten free) matzah balls. The chicken soup was delicious. My mom adds in shredded carrots to give the broth more flavor and to be pretend noodles!


For the main meal, we had roasted chicken with mushrooms, cauliflower and mini potatoes with onions and mushrooms. It wasn’t a colorful plate, but it was a delicious plate!


There was a lot of options for dessert. The best thing about Passover: mostly all desserts are gluten free!

My mom ordered the 7 layer cake from the bakery. It was good!


I liked the extra shaved chocolate at the top.


We also ordered the marble cake. It was dry, but good.


My favorite, of course, was the rainbow cookies. I’ve had them before and wrote a review, and ugh, they are delicious. I love rainbow cookies.




I had a little piece of everything.


Dinner was great, but the company was fantastic!

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