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The Little Beet

On my last Friday treat lunch day, I headed to The Little Beet. I follow them on Instagram and the food always looks so delicious and healthy. I’ve also heard excellent recommendations from fellow gluten free Instagrammers.

There were a lot of choices including: salads, bowls, baked goods and juices. For your meal, you could pick salads or bowls that they recommend or you can make your own by choosing one protein and two sides. I like to make my own choices and went with the second option. For your protein, you could choose from: a veggie patty, tofu, chicken, steak or salmon. There were a lot of sides to pick from as well including grains and veggies.

I got my food to go and the bag was so cute!


I really liked the branding.


I decided to go with tofu, kale and roasted beets. The tofu was good and that’s the last good thing I have to say. My portion was so small, the beets were covered in some type of mayo and the kale was burnt.


Supposedly, I just had a bad experience, but I was starving afterwards. It wasn’t worth the $15.


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