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Lola Granola

Lola Granola reached out to me on Instagram and asked if I wanted to try some of their products. I said yes of course and a package was delivered a few days later.

I got a hand written note, a flyer about Lola Granola, crossword puzzles to learn more about the ingredients used in the bars and one of each bar.


How cute is the note!?!? Mary, the owner, named each of the five flavors after her children and nephews. The name of the company, Lola Granola, was named after one of her daughters.


The Enzo features cashews and almonds.


The Ellie has cashews and dates. This one was my favorite. The combination of dates, cashews, oats and honey was perfect. It was satisfying and not too sweet.


The Ruby had cranberries. They complimented the granola and honey well. This bar was much more crumbly than the other ones. I would say this bar is better as actual granola and not a granola bar.


The Lola was great. The almonds and cranberries really held the granola bar together, but it was a little too sweet.


The Nathan has blueberries and almonds. I actually gave this flavor to Brandon because he loves blueberries!


Thank you Lola Granola!


One thought on “Lola Granola

  1. Hi Amanda, the granolas sound great. But do they all have nuts. My boys have tons of allergies including to peanuts and tree nuts. Which one does not have any?
    Btw, Brandon gave me the info for the blog.


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