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Brandon and I took a little trip up to Connecticut for dinner one night. We decided to eat at Mediterraneo. It was a modern take on your classic Mediterranean restaurant. The service and food were both great. Our waiter knew what dishes had gluten in it and which ones could be modified.

I started off with the maple brook farms burrata with baby peas with leeks, no crostino.


It was really good. I loved the peas. The burrata was good, but not as good as it is at some Italian restaurants.

For my main dish, I ordered the grilled marinated lamb kabob and kofte with spiced basmati rice and tzatziki sauce. The waiter told me that the rice was not gluten free since it was cooked with pasta? I got spinach instead. I was confused as to why rice is cooked with pasta, but I was happy he was informed.


There were no gluten free dessert options so I got mixed berries with cream and chocolate ice cream.


The chocolate ice cream was so creamy and rich. Overall, we had a great time and experience.

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