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Lilli & Loo

I was googling gluten free restaurants or restaurants with gluten free menus in midtown east. I found Lilli & Loo, which is an Asian restaurant with a huge gluten free menu. When I say huge, I mean it was an actual menu with multiple pages with options that are not normally gluten free. Like what?!?!?!  I was so excited to eat there and was in heaven while I was there. They don’t use MSG either!

I obviously memorized the menu before I went, but I still read it again… I’m a nerd, I know.

I started off with the steamed dumplings. I have never seen gluten free steamed dumplings. I’m still in awe. You could also get them fried. I knew what else I ordered so I figured steamed was healthier.


The dumplings were good, but gummy. That’s just the texture of rice based pastas I’m finding.

You didn’t think I got just one appetizer did you? Side note, I did split these with Brandon / take them home for leftovers…

I also ordered the Thai spring rolls. They were filled with veggies and it was super crunchy and tasty. I liked the spring rolls more than the dumplings.


For my main dish, I ordered the crispy sesame chicken. Super fattening, I know, but I was treating myself.


The chicken and veggies were so good! There was a little too much sauce  and breading for me on the chicken. I was amazed at how crispy and crunchy the gluten free breading on the chicken was.

I loved this restaurant and had a great experience. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in Manhattan. If you live close enough, it is worth the trip. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand as it’s not the largest restaurant.


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