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Hi FiBar

Hi FiBar reached out to me on Instagram and asked if I wanted to try their products. Of course I said yes. Apparently, I’m all about the granola bars recently.

Melanie, the owner of Hi FiBar started the company with her mom in mind. She was diagnosed with diabetes and needed snacks to eat that were made without any added sugar. The bars are made from nuts, seeds and dried fruit. You can also pronounce each and every ingredient (there aren’t that many).

I got 6 bars, 2 of each of their flavors: coconut cranberry, smoked paprika and lemon zest blueberry.


The coconut cranberry was good. You could really taste all the ingredients. All of these bars would be good as a snack, crumbled over yogurt or served with milk.


The smoked paprika is the savory flavor. This was interesting for me because whenever I think of a granola bar, I always think sweet. I usually crave sweet things too.

Look: you can see all the nuts and seeds. It’s fantastic.


The lemon zest blueberry was my favorite. I love the combination of blueberries and lemons. This and all the bars were so nutty and seedy, but this one had a faint taste and smell of lemon in very bite. I loved it.


Melanie also sent over a hand written note telling me about the company and the flavors.


You can purchase the Hi FiBars here.


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