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King and I

My parents and I went to the Nyack street fair a few weeks ago. I love the street fair because there are so many different vendors, things to look at and lots of walking/exercising to do!

It was around lunchtime and my dad and I were getting cranky. We do that. We had to eat and decided on the King and I Thai restaurant. None of us had ever eaten there and were excited to give another Thai restaurant a try.

We all ordered the same thing. It’s actually kind of embarrassing. My family does this all the time. We just like the same things. Guess you can really tell we are related…Well I ordered first and then my parents copied. I made sure that they didn’t use MSG (they didn’t) and that my main dish wouldn’t have soy sauce (it didn’t).

We started off with the vegetable tofu soup. It had clean flavors and was very refreshing. It was freezing outside and the soup just hit the spot.


For our main dish, we got the pad see eew with chicken. It was a stir-fried flat rice noodle with a choice of beef, chicken or pork, broccoli, and egg.


It was really good. It was a small, lunch sized portion. I wish it was a little bigger since I was still hungry afterwards, but that’s what snacks are for!


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