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The Cheesecake Factory

I headed down to the Short Hills Mall one Saturday afternoon to meet my friend halfway. I’ve never been there before and was looking forward to it. Boy, were there a lot of expensive stores… Then, it became that dreaded time: lunch. Sometimes I look forward to it when I’m mentally prepared to eat at a certain restaurant and sometimes I’m not. We decided on The Cheesecake Factory. They don’t have a separate gluten free menu, but did have gluten free options denoted on the menu.

The menu is so overwhelming! I did like that there were healthier options such as the super foods section and skinnylicious menu. I wanted to go with the Skinnylicious soft tacos which were 3 soft corn tortillas filled with spicy chicken, avocado, tomato, onions, cilantro and crema. It was not denoted gluten free, but there was nothing not gluten free about it? The waiter checked with the chef to see if it could be made gluten free. That answer was no. I liked the honesty, but didn’t like that there was no explanation.

I decided to go with the vegan cobb salad: lettuce, grilled asparagus, green beans, roasted beets, avocado, cucumber, tomato, garbanzo beans, quinoa, almonds and sunflower seeds. I’m not vegan, but it looked amazing. Again, there was nothing not gluten free about it as it wasn’t denoted, but the waiter checked with the chef. I didn’t hear back to I assumed it was coming.

And then the bread was placed down. No gluten free bread was available. I’m actually surprised that a huge chain restaurant wasn’t more accommodating.

My salad finally came and it was huge! I was happy because I was starving.


I ate the entire thing. It was so hearty and filling. I barely had room for dessert, but don’t worry, I made room.

I ordered the only gluten free cheesecake they had: Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake. Maria went all fancy and asked them to decorate it for my birthday…


The cake was delicious! I did not eat the entire thing. WIN! I wish I did though. Overall, I had an okay experience. The service was really slow, and they weren’t very accommodating to my gluten allergy, but then again, I did want to order anything that was designated gluten free.

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