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Atlantic City

For my birthday weekend/hockey tournament, Brandon and I headed down to Atlantic City. Hopefully this post will still be relevant even though the restaurants are in AC. Actually, some are chains with multiple locations. Okay, forget me. To sum up the trip, no, I will never be going back down again. I had no food issues, but did not care for the atmosphere.

For lunch on Friday, we went to Broadway Burger Bar. They had a gluten free menu; all of the burgers and salads could also be made gluten free. I love when restaurants are very accommodating. Broadway Burger Bar took it to the next level because you could get any type of burger (beef or turkey) for any special burger. Cheese was also no extra charge. Since I don’t eat ground beef because it upsets my stomach I got the Times Square choice with a turkey burger. Of course the girl from NY/NJ got that burger.


It had the turkey burger, avocado (I gave most of it to Brandon), jalapeños, pico, pepper jack and chipotle aioli. The fries were cooked separately so they were 100% gluten free! I also gave half of them to Brandon. Portion size!

Okay, rant time. A good rant. This bun was fantastic and the best bun/bread I’ve had since becoming gluten free. It tasted like the fresh onion rolls from the bakery my mom used to buy. I made Brandon try it and he agreed. I asked the waiter to ask the chef where the rolls came from. I was surprised to hear that they mass order them from Minnesota. I thought they would be from a local bakery that I could go to and buy everything! They were that good. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name, but we wouldn’t have been able to buy them either. 😦

For dinner that night, we went to Carmine’s. They have a gluten free menu as well as other allergy conscious menus. The waitress, once she found out I had food allergies, told me that the chef would cook all of my food separately and it would take a little longer. We were totally okay with that.

Now everything is family style at Carmine’s. Keep that in mind. We started off with the chicken scarpariello wings. The picture doesn’t do them justice and these were the best wings I’ve ever had.


They were cooked perfectly and the sauce was addicting. The wings were served with fennel instead of celery. I figured out I’m not a huge fennel fan. There were about 25 wings and I ate like 6. We had a lot of leftovers.

For our main dish, because yes, that was only an appetizer, we ordered the gluten free pasta with the pomodoro sauce at the waitress’ suggestion. It was whole tomatoes with garlic and olive oil.


Let me reiterate, so many leftovers. So many delicious leftovers.

I bought a little salad for lunch the next day and put some of the chicken wings and pasta on it!

Time for the last dinner. We went to Landshark Bar & Grill, which was basically on the beach. It was awesome! I ordered the grilled fish sandwich (it was mahi mahi that day I was there) with french fries on a gluten free bun. It was so good!


The pink shark toothpick denoted that it was gluten free. The bun was not as good as the bun from Broadway Burger, but it was better than not having one!

I know. I didn’t eat the healthiest, but it was my birthday. I also noticed I wasn’t hungry throughout the day since I ate larger meals. This is something I’m going to test now that I’m home.

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