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Magnolia Bakery

My coworkers surprised me a few days after my birthday. They went on a mission to find me a gluten free cupcake while they enjoyed gluten filled cupcakes.

I didn’t even know Magnolia Bakery offered gluten free cupcakes!


They got me a flourless chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream. Ah! I just went on the website and found it. “Flourless Chocolate: dense, rich fudgy chocolate cake made without flour with vanilla bean meringue buttercream or your choice of icing $4 each.” I was suspicious that it wasn’t gluten free since I haven’t heard anyone talk about them before.


I made a cupcake sandwich and it was good! I do think that Sprinkles has a better gluten free cupcake texture, but nothing beats a chocolate cake! The buttercream was great! I could totally taste and see the vanilla bean seeds. Major bonus!


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