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My family and I went to eat at Ragazzi on Father’s Day after the baseball game. We wanted to try something new! I was excited to eat there since they offered gluten free pasta and all of the main dishes could be made gluten free upon request.

I ordered the chicken sorrentino: grilled chicken breast topped with prosciutto, eggplant and homemade mozzarella cooked in a white wine sauce with mixed vegetables.


It was delicious and something I’ve never tried before. The portion was huge! I ended up taking the second breast home for dinner for the next night. I love leftovers.

My parents both ordered the same thing. Typical. They got the seared scallops with mixed veggies.


They really liked theirs as well. My brother ordered the grilled salmon and started eating it before I could take a picture. Again, typical. Sorry Eric!

Then, it was dessert time. I asked the hostess because our waiter was MIA if she knew if any of the desserts were gluten free. Keep in mind that there was gelato and sorbet on the menu as well as dishes made with them. She said she’d have to check with the chef. The chef said that he can’t confirm that anything is 100% gluten free. While I appreciate the honesty, how is plain gelato not gluten free? That’s concerning. It’s also concerning that they don’t know what is in their desserts…

All in all, the food was good and they were attentive to my gluten allergy, but the service was subpar. I don’t know if I’d go back.


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