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City Limits Diner

Brandon and I went to City Limits for an early breakfast on the 4th. We had a wedding the night before and both needed a substantial breakfast. We eat breakfast in ALL THE TIME and it was nice to go out for a change. Always good to switch it up.

Brandon got the classic diner breakfast: blueberry pancakes, eggs over easy, bacon and he had the toast that came with my omelet.

I got the turkey bacon omelet which had organic turkey bacon, feta cheese, spinach and tomato. It also came with hash browns. They were phenomenal.


Like how good does this look? It was delicious. I ate all the hash browns and basically took the omelet with me. My appetite disappeared. I was so hungry that I wasn’t hungry.

Since I couldn’t eat the toast that the omelet came with, I ordered the gluten free almond blueberry muffin. Now, I can’t even tell you the last time I ate a muffin because they are fattening. I rationalized it for you guys!


It was crispy on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside. I would have liked it a tad more if some almond extract was used in the dough to bring out more of the almond flavor.

I already highly recommend this diner but I highly recommend what I ate too!


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