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Lola’s Mexican Kitchen

Brandon, his mom, her boyfriend and I went out to dinner last weekend to celebrate my birthday (very belated I know, but we are all so busy!) I chose Mexican since everything is usually gluten free. I love not having to worry. We went to Lola’s Mexican Kitchenย in White Plains.

To start, I ordered the white sangria: a blend of sauvignon blanc, peach schnapps, brandy, green grapes, & peaches. It was much more liquor than wine. I wasn’t a fan and sangria is my thing. I’m very picky.

The tortilla chips were made from corn and were gluten free but there isn’t a designated fryer. Don’t eat the chips if you are celiac. I liked them. The salsa had the perfect amount of spice! I think you could have ordered veggies to dip in the salsa too. It’s always good when restaurants offer options.

To really start, we ordered the blue corn calamari with a honey chipotle sauce. Gluten free fried calamari? I flipped out.


The calamari wasn’t very crispy, but the sauce was amazing. I basically ate the entire thing and totally disregarded the fact that I ordered a main dish. It was so worth it. You couldn’t take the calamari home and reheat it. Gross.

I had the chimichurri skirt steak with roasted vegetables and potatoes for dinner.


My steak was actually cooked medium just like I requested. That never happens. It was very flavorful. The veggies had so much flavor too and the potatoes were crispy. I ate about 1/4 quarter of the steak, half the veggies and a few potatoes. I took the steak and veggies home, gave Brandon the potatoes and took some of his black beans. Less carbs ๐Ÿ™‚

Both Brandon and his mom got fajitas. They liked them too!

The service was a little slow, but the food was good so I will definitely be back.


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