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Brother Jimmy’s BBQ

Brandon and I had been craving BBQ and we needed to get our fix. We went to Brother Jimmy’s BBQ for dinner last weekend. They had a gluten free menu that was on laminated printer paper. LOL, but it was semi helpful. Only semi because most of the items contained gluten. If you have celiac disease, I wouldn’t eat here.

We started off with the buffalo hot wings w/ ranch dressing. They were good, not great. They were just spicy wings.


For my main dish, I got the pulled pork with French fries and spiced green beans.


The pork was good, a little dry. The French fries were also okay. The spiced green beans were the highlight, but nothing special.

Overall, the meal was okay and the service was eh. We decided we won’t be going back. I make better pulled chicken in the crock pot according to Brandon!

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