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Peekskill Coffee House

Last weekend I decided to take myself out to breakfast before my morning workout. Why before? So I could burn it off! Brandon said he heard fantastic things about the Peekskill Coffee House and that was all the endorsement that I needed.

I got an iced coffee with a shot of hazelnut. It was flavorful and nutty. Excellent coffee!

For breakfast, I got something out of the norm for myself. I got the gluten free berry bomb crepe. It was supposed to have strawberries, blueberries and raspberries on the inside.


Looks delicious right? It was okay. There was like no filling on the inside and the filling was raspberry jelly, not a mixture of fresh berries. I was disappointed and it wasn’t worth the calories. I ate it very slowly because I needed to fill myself up. No snacks after this breakfast.

I would go back for the coffee and the different flavors, but not the crepes.


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