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Memphis Mae’s BBQ

Long story short, Brandon tried to get me to eat at Capriccio’s again. I was so not feeling it and didn’t want my same salad. They don’t have any gluten free options besides salads so I’m stuck. I convinced him to choose a different place. He said Memphis Mae’s BBQ was in the same location and it was good. Even though we just had BBQ, I was up for it.

I checked out the menu and saw they had a gluten free one. I was sold. We got take out and I ordered the 1/2 BBQ chicken with BBQ cole slaw and stewed collard greens. I’m trying to eat a little healthier and these were all good options.


My chicken was ice cold and so dry. It was a struggle to eat. The collard greens were good, but had no extra zing. The BBQ cole slaw was awesome and was only cabbage and vinegar. It was super tangy.

I’m not sure we are going to go back there. It was eh. Is there no good BBQ in Westchester?


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