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Mykonos Grill Food Truck

I actually went out to eat for lunch during the week. I know, shocking. I bring my own lunch not only because I like cooking, but to save money. It’s more cost effective. I’m repetitive with preaching this I know.

My co-worker recommend the Mykonos Grill Food Truck, which is right around the block from my office. It’s delicious, authentic Greek food made on a truck. All I wanted was a Greek salad with gyro meat, which wasn’t on the menu, so I made my own dish.


The Greek salad came with romaine, onion, tomato, olives, cubed feta, a grape leaf and gyro meat topped with balsamic and tzatziki sauce. It was delicious. The vegetables were so fresh and the gyro was very flavorful.

It was the perfect size and I will be going back the next time I want to eat Greek!

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