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Healthy Living Market & Cafe

Brandon’s sister told me about Healthy Living Market & Cafe. She said it was her favorite place and had so many gluten free options. I couldn’t wait to go.

I walked in and was floored. The first thing I saw was an entire round table display with 3 shelves of gluten free bread. WHATTTTTTT? I walked around the store and was mesmerized. If I lived in South Burlington, Vermont, I’d be poor. They had everything you could want and more. There were items for everyone.

I picked up 2 of the premade salads and had them for lunch for 2 days. Oh wait, I also picked up gluten free falafel. Yes, you heard me right. Gluten free falafel. It was good and spicy. I think they would have tasted better warmed up but I couldn’t wait and ate them in the car.

Back to what is actually pictured below. I got the Asian Kale Slaw and California Tuna.


The Asian Kale Slaw was kale, cabbage, sesame seeds and tamari sauce. That’s it. It was delicious. I can’t wait to recreate it. The California Tuna was tuna, celery, onion, scallion, parsley and cilantro. I make my own tuna salad so I missed the creaminess of the Greek yogurt. However, I loved the addition of the fresh herbs. Great idea and I can’t wait to incorporate them!

Have you been to Healthy Living Market & Cafe?


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