Amanda's Appetizers

Local Thyme

I met my friend Julie for lunch last week. She’s also gluten free! We were going to go get pizza, but decided last minute to eat healthy. I found a restaurant halfway between the two of us called Local Thyme. It has a lot of gluten free, paleo and vegan options. It’s just the kind of place you would find in Manhattan, but it wasn’t overpriced.

I got the burrito bowl with brown rice. Itย was vegan and gluten free and had black beans, sweet potato, corn, pico de gallo, scallion, garlic, guacamole, lime and cashew cream.


I just noticed I got a lemon instead of a lime! Oh well. I mixed everything together and ate it all.


It was so delicious and filling. It was a larger portion that I thought it would be but I was okay with it because it’s packed with nutrients. The cashew cream didn’t taste like cashews orย and was very creamy. It actually gave off a little cheesy taste.

Julie got the ALT (mashed avocado, sunflower sprouts, tomato & cilantro) on a gluten free wrap. Hers was also vegan and gluten free.


I don’t know how this picture is so blurry. Julie liked hers too.


We ate our lunches downstairs and just caught up. We will definitely be going back in the future.


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