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Organic Pharmer

I found Organic Pharmer on a whim in the shopping center Brandon and I were in. The entire place is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, and egg free. Yayyyyyy!

They have a selection pre-made juices, salads, bakery items and snacks as well as fresh made smoothies and protein shakes.

I picked up the marinated kale salad, which was green kale, shaved fennel, carrot, radish and herbs, with lemon-flaxseed dressing, topped with crunchy flax and hemp seeds. It was delicious, but not worth the $8.50.


For lunch, I got the falafel in a pita. It was 3 pieces of the green pea, garbanzo and quinoa falafel with lemon-tahini sauce in a millet flour tortilla. It was phenomenal, just not picture worthy. All I’ve wanted since becoming gluten free is a falafel in a pita. I finally got it and it was worth it!

It was a little more on the pricey side though. I would go back, but I’d make sure to only get a fresh made meal as opposed to a pre-made snack.


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