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Mrs. Greens

I stumbled upon Mrs. Greens on a whim. It’s an all natural supermarket with so many gluten free products! I was overwhelmed to say the least.

For lunch, I made myself a salad from the salad bar, obviously. I got a lot of veggies and protein. There were a lot of gluten free options!


I went to the deli counter and picked up some containers for lunch the next day. I got the Mediterranean Tuna Salad and Roasted Spicy Cauliflower.


The tuna salad was great and not fishy! I loved the edition of fresh herbs. The cauliflower was interesting because it has chick peas and raisins in it. I didn’t expect that but the combination worked.


I know I’ll be going back to Mrs. Greens the next time I need anything gluten free :).


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