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Paskesv Gluten Free Crispits

My mom found the Paskesv gluten free crispits at ShopRite during Passover. I finally got around to eating them and they are delicious. They taste the same as the New York flatbreads.

I tried the everything and original crispits. The everything crispits were okay. They smelled better than they tasted. The original crispits were my favorite and I will be repurchasing these. They were a little sweet, a little salty, crispy and crunchy. You could have 3 breads for 3 points. Each cracker is 1 point! That’s not a lot at all.

There are 2 more flavors: garlic and onion. I feel like those would make my breathe reek and they aren’t the best sounding flavors.

Have you tried Paskesv gluten free crispits? What is your favorite flavor?




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