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Harvest Wine Bar

Two weeks ago, we went to Harvest Wine Bar for dinner (my choice). I liked that it had a lot of healthier options and thought that they would be able to accommodate my food allergies/issues.

I started off with the ricotta salad: baby kale, arugula, frisee, strawberries, ricotta salata cheese, spicy cashews and pomegranate dressing.


I got the dressing on the side and picked off most (aka all) of the cheese. Full disclosure, I only ate 4 cashews too. The salad was really good even though I just ate lettuce and strawberries! There’s nothing better than a crisp, fresh salad.

For my main course, I went back to my old Weight Watchers ordering style: creating my own dish. I ordered the wood fire filet mignon which didn’t end up being the same dish on the menu. I got the filet with no sauce, not cooked in butter with roasted Brussels sprouts and sautéed kale.


I asked for my steak to be cooked medium rare. It came medium well. I asked for my steak to not be cooked in butter. I’m pretty sure it was cooked in bacon fat…. The Brussels sprouts were great, but the kale tasted a little creamy. I have no idea how that happened, but I think it was more fattening than I thought it was.

I have to say, if this wasn’t a work dinner, I would have sent my plate back and not asked for another one. I really didn’t like what they did to it.


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