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Julianna’s Schoolhouse

After the pool and golfing 2 weeks ago, Brandon and I went to Julianna’s for dinner. It was right down the road and the menu looked really good. We got there for the early bird special. Now, I know what you’re thinking, what? The early bird special is from 5pm-6:30pm daily (it’s really not that early) and it’s a 3 course meal for $30. We compared the regular dinner menu prices to the early bird prices and decided it was cheaper to eat earlier. πŸ™‚

I started off with the kale & spinach salad: red & white quinoa, sun-dried tomatoes, thinly sliced apples & goat cheese in a honey vinaigrette (on the side).


I thought the salad was going to be bigger than it was. It was really good and I enjoyed it. I liked the combination of the ingredients as I’ve never had them all in a salad.

Brandon got the tomato & goat cheese bruschetta: oven roasted with rosemary, thyme & garlic on grilled ciabata with a balsamic reduction. It wasn’t gluten free or look it so I didn’t take a picture. He liked his too and ate all 3 pieces!

For my main dish, I got the roasted atlantic salmon with sautΓ©ed spring veggies (sugar snap peas, asparagus, green beans, leeks, baby carrots) over a spring onion-ginger puree.


It was amazing. The salmon was perfectly cooked. I’m always nervous to order salmon in a restaurant, but I had nothing to be worried about. The veggies were also cooked perfectly. I wanted to savor my dinner, but I shoved it down my throat and only shared a little because it was so delicious.

Brandon ordered the hanger steak frites: toasted garlic & parmesan potato wedges, green beans and hanger steak topped with chive butter.


Wow, it seems Brandon got broccoli instead of green beans. Noticed that now. Interesting. He likes broccoli more anyway which was probably why he didn’t notice…

His was really good too. I took a bite of his steak and potatoes. They were cooked perfectly and seasoned to perfection. We were both very impressed with our main dishes.

For dessert, Brandon got the strawberry shortcake. It wasn’t gluten free but I took a picture anyway.


I tried the whipped cream on it thinking it was homemade but it was Reddi Whip. Brandon liked her dessert and he ate it in about one minute. That’s unheard of for him.

I got chocolate ice cream. After not eating dessert for over a month, this was a great treat.


The ice cream wasn’t homemade, but it was very creamy and rich.

The food was top notch and we will definitely be going back.


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