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Wyckoff Thai

On Saturday, Brandon and I went to Wyckoff Thai for dinner. I’ve been wanting Thai food for a few weeks now and I needed to satisfy my craving. I googled Thai restaurants near me because I don’t like the ones in Ridgewood.

We got there around 6pm and had to wait for about 20 minutes because all the tables were taken. We went on a walk while we waited and were seated exactly 20 minutes later. I like it when restaurants seat you when they say they will.

Brandon got the wonton soup: Thai wonton filled with chicken, shrimp, crabmeat and vegetables. He liked it, but said the soup was better at the Thai in Northvale. I tried a little of the liquid and veggies and agreed with him.

I got the fresh roll: glass noodle, tofu and vegetables wrapped in softened rice paper served with peanut sauce.


I assumed I would have gotten 1 or 2 rolls. Never assume. I got 3 big rolls cut in half. The rolls were stuffed with veggies and it was really good.


The peanut dipping sauce put the rolls over the top. It was so delicious and creamy.

We both ordered the same thing for dinner: pad thai. After that peanut sauce, we were both stoked. I got mine with tofu and Brandon got chicken.

The tofu was so crispy and tasty. I loved it. One of the best cooked tofus I’ve eaten in a restaurant.


I really like the edition of the bean sprouts to the dish on the side. I mixed them in with my noodles to give the dish an extra crunch. I also took most of Brandon’s since he wasn’t eating them. You can never go wrong with more veggies!


We liked our dinners but felt that the Thai in Northvale was better. Wyckoff Thai is much closer to my apartment so the chances that we will go back is 100%.

What’s your favorite Thai dish? Have you tried to make any at home? Let me know below. I’m thinking about it…


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