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On my first night in Florida, my Uncle, Aunt, Grandma and I went to Bosphorous for dinner. I called ahead to confirm that they had gluten free options. I think I spoke to Brendan on the phone? He was extremely knowledgable and put me at ease.

When I got to the restaurant, however, it was a different story. The waitress didn’t know much about being gluten free and she made it seem like they couldn’t really accommodate me. I didn’t like her. I wasn’t even given the gluten friendly menu I just found on their website…

For an appetizer, we ordered the lavas and hummus. Since I couldn’t eat the lavas, I was given carrots and cucumbers. It was better than nothing, but it wasn’t satisfying.

Everyone kept talking about how big the portions were here. So, my grandma and I split the chicken sis kebap: hand-carved fresh chicken breast marinated in the chef’s blend of unique seasonings and chargrilled. Our entreΓ© was served with rice pilaf, pickled red cabbage & beets, carrots & red onions sprinkled with parsley all topped with a freshly made Turkish vinaigrette.


We got the rice pilaf on the side for Grandma as it wasn’t gluten free (mixed with pasta). I had 4 cubes of chicken for dinner with a little bit of veggies. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the veggies had great flavor. Since I really couldn’t eat anything, I was starving. Good thing we went for dessert after!

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