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One night in Florida, we went out to Thai food for dinner. My mom told me that Thailicious had better food than my favorite Thai restaurant up here. Now that I had to taste, but I was skeptical.

We sat down and had a brand new waitress, maybe even to being a waitress. She didn’t know what she was doing. She took my soup order and ran away. My grandma had to track her down to put in her soup order. She didn’t understand that what she did was wrong and didn’t speak English very well. After we ordered our soup she left and came back for us to order our main dishes. So strange.

I got the vegetable soup with tofu: delicious thai stock with mixed exotic vegetables.


It had a clean flavor and was good, not great. Again, my mom set very high expectations. They were knocked down a few notches already because of the service. The veggies were so fresh.

For my main dish, I ordered the pad see ew: rice noodles sautéed with choice of meat (tofu), broccoli, Chinese broccoli, eggs and light sweet soy sauce. I was on a tofu kick and yes, I ordered the same noodle dish at all Thai restaurants.


It was served piping hot 🙂

My food was really good, but still not as good as my favorite Thai restaurant. This, however, was much better than any of the other restaurants around where my grandma lives. The quality of the food is not the same as NJ/NY.


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