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Mediterranean Gourmet

We were in the direct line of Hurricane Matthew in Orlando. Grandma and I wanted to make the most of our last day before we were apartment bound for who knew how long. We headed over to the local mall to do some shopping. We were going to go to a local restaurant for lunch, but it was closing early (thanks Matthew) so we headed to the food court. I wasn’t too excited. Food courts never have healthy options, let alone gluten free options. Some of the stands were closed, but luckily there was a Greek one that was still opened!

I got the Gyro platter with yogurt sauce and a no lettuce Greek salad.


It was delicious for a food court. Actually, it was better than some Greek restaurants I’ve been to. My grandma got the chicken platter with hummus, the same Greek salad as me, pita and cucumber sauce. She loved it and I loved hers too.


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