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Lin Garden

We also got Chinese take out for dinner on the night that Hurricane Matthew came to Orlando. Don’t worry, we picked it up earlier in the day and heated it up. I’m not crazy to go outside in a hurricane! We stopped at Lin Garden. It was so close to my grandma’s apartment, and she’s never eaten there in the 10+ years she’s lived there!

I got the chicken mei fun with no MSG and no soy sauce. The guy told me that they didn’t use MSG, but I confirmed that no extra sauces would be added to my dish!


It was delicious. It was much better than I thought it would be. I didn’t have high expectations, and this meal exceeded them. It was one of the better chicken mei fun’s I’ve had. I’m a creature of habit and order the same foods all the time. What can I say?

We had 2 good meals in a day from “unhealthy” choices. Who would have thought?


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