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Carlo’s Bakery

After dinner the night I came back from Florida, my parents and I went into Carlo’s Bakery. We were trying to convince my dad to get dessert. Instead, my mom and I got dessert, but we shared it.Thanks Weight Watchers! They had 2 gluten free options: strawberry cheesecake and chocolate mousse cheesecake. Which one did I get? My choice might surprise you.

I went with the strawberry cheesecake because it was calling my name.


Ugh. I’m thinking about it as I write this. So delicious. It was creamy and not too sweet. The cheesecake was phenomenal. My mom and I kept smiling as we were eating.

Carlo’s is not a gluten free bakery and there is a possibility for cross contamination even though the cheesecakes are gluten free. I have a gluten sensitivity and did not get sick.


3 thoughts on “Carlo’s Bakery

  1. Hi Amanda, in a few weeks I will go to Carlo’s Bakery and suffer from Celiac as well. Was the staff able to help you to make a gluten free choice? Regards, Jennifer.


      1. Oh my God – that’s perfect! Thanks! We will do a roadtrip from Boston to New York and stop at every store that we’ll find on our way. Can’t wait to try the cheesecake… and maybe some strawberries…


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