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Gluten Free Allergy Free Expo 2016

Last month, Brandon and I went to the Gluten Free Allergy Free Expo in Secaucus. I was looking forward to it for weeks (depending on who you ask, they might say months). We had such a good experience last year at the one in CT.

Since last year, I’ve been growing the Amanda’s GF Appetite brand and I wanted to promote my brand to the companies at the expo because I have a lot more followers on social media and blog readers. I was able to network with a lot of gluten free companies and promote my brand in person. I’m looking forward continuing to develop those connections throughout this year!

I’m going to be doing a lot of reviews on the individual products below, but I wanted to put my haul all together in one place! Let me know below that reviews you’d like to see first. It’s going to take me a while to try everything. I’ll be able to do it all though, have no fear!

Here’s a picture of everything I got. Yes, we had 3 bags full of samples. We also received a lot of coupons for free products and discounts.


Aleias was so nice. John (glutenlessnyc on Instagram) and I are going to have a recipe competition using the breadcrumbs.


BFree had gluten free pita. GLUTEN FREE PITA. They are all gone.


Enjoylife was so nice to give me a lot of their new products to try! I love the plentils. My favorite flavor is the dill & sour cream.



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