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Little B’s

We had a late Saturday night dinner a few weeks ago. We met Brandon’s friends halfway at Little B’s in Tarrytown. I picked it because it had a lot of gluten free options aka a gluten free bun.

I got the build your own burger. I liked the old school feel with filling out the form and choosing my own toppings.

I got the gluten free bun (it was an extra $2),  turkey burger, caramelized onions, dill pickles, sautéed mushrooms and grilled pineapple. I got chipotle ketchup and little b’s BBQ sauce on the side. It came with fries too.


The bun came toasted! It tasted like an English muffin. It was gooey and bready.


I thought this was a really good food blogger picture. I ate all of my turkey burger and only a few French fries. Hello, self control! It was good, not the best burger, but not the worst.

Brandon thought his burger was delicious. He liked that he could customize it.

If you like to pick your own toppings and make your own meal, this is the perfect restaurant for you!


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