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I met Katie at the Gluten Free Allergy Free Expo last month. She was so sweet and she’s is the co-founder of mysuperfoods. Their purpose is provide children with healthy, nutritious snacks and to repair the broken food system. For every box bought, they donate $1 to help fight childhood hunger. I think that’s great.

Not only are the snacks made from 12 whole grains, and real fruit, they are gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

The granola bites come in 3 different flavors: blueberry banana acai, apple raisin and chocolate chip.


Iย liked the chocolate chip because I loved the pieces of chocolate. They were a little melty and got all over my fingers :). I think the combination of chocolate chip and oatmeal is a little off.


My favorite was the apple raisin. I liked that each bite had pieces of apple and raisins. It was perfect.


I tried the blueberry banana acai bites first. I was excited to try the combination of flavors. They were okay. I wanted more blueberry pieces.


I tried all 3 bites in one night so I could compare and contrast. I’d like to say I didn’t eat all 12 bites in one sitting, but then I’d be lying… They were good and healthy! I didn’t feel guilty after eating them.


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