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Health Warrior

I’m a Health Warrior ambassador and I’m excited to partner with them. Their bars are packed with super foods including chia seeds.

The 100-calorie Health Warrior chia bar is the only bar with chia seeds as the first ingredient on the label. Packed with omega-3s, plant-based protein, fiber, and a fraction of the sugar of many bars, it is a super tasty and filling snack or dessert. I’ve tried the chocolate peanut butter and coconut flavors. I prefer the chocolate peanut butter because the chocolate chips are the perfect amount of melty goodness. The chia seeds add a nice crunch.


The Superfood Protein Bars deliver 10g of clean, plant protein from a superfood blend of chia, quinoa and oats. There is no soy or whey and has less than half the sugar of many protein bars. I’ve tried the lemon goldenberry and dark chocolate coconut sea salt. I surprisingly liked the lemon goldenberry more than the dark chocolate one. The chia seeds complemented protein powder and sweet flavors more.


They also sent me a cool hat and stickers! I can’t wait to give them to everyone I know.

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