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Lucy’s Cantina Royale

My brother and I ate at Lucy’s Cantina Royale by MSG before the Carrie Underwood concert. We wanted a healthier, fun gluten free option.

We started off with a drink, red sangria for me and a Sam Adams for him.Β The sangria was good. I don’t like red wine, but this was very sweet.


I was starving. I realized as we were ordering, I didn’t eat lunch. Booooooo. So, for dinner, I got the fish tacos. I figured I’d get 3 tacos with rice and beans. Nope. I got 2 tacos and that’s it.


The fish was grilled and topped with a spicy mango salsa and lettuce. The tacos were really tasty, but I finished them in a minute. I debated on ordering more, but I didn’t want to pay another $12 for 2 tacos…

I would recommend the restaurant, but not the tacos, unless you aren’t hungry.

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