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Sac’s Place

On our first Saturday night in the new apartment, we went out for date night. Yes, we were eating out more than usual because of the move, but we didn’t want to sacrifice it. We walked a few blocks to Sac’s Place. It’s a local Italian restaurant, and the menu looked great.

Our waiter was fantastic. He was very honest with Brandon and I about the portion sizes (there’s half and full size) and knew what was gluten free. I ordered the full size of gluten free pasta with little neck clams.


This is my favorite Italian dish and it was fantastic. The clams were so fresh and not sandy. I hate it when that happens.

We also got broccoli rabe in olive oil and garlic to share. We were really hungry.


This was the best broccoli rabe I’ve ever had. I definitely ate more than half of it…

We loved Sac’s: the wait staff and the food. We will 100% be going back.


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