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I promise I haven’t been going out to eat as much as it appears. I just haven’t cooked anything new! Brandon had a work dinner at Doppio a few Saturday nights ago that I was allowed to go to! Yayyyyyy.

Doppio is a small, local Italian restaurant in Greenwich, CT. They didn’t have any gluten free options (pizza, pasta or bread) so I improvised. The service was terrible, but the food was delicious.

I had a 4 course dinner.

To start, I had the minestrone soup. It was vegetables in vegetable broth. It was so tasty and not oily. 0 WW points too.


For my second course, I got wood grilled octopus with arugula, fennel & citrus salad. Words can’t describe how delicious this octopus was. It tasted fried,Β breaded and fattening when it was only grilled. I gave a tiny piece to Brandon and he agreed. Tiny because I wanted it all!


I made my own dish for dinner. There was a simply grilled section on the menu with a choice of salmon, chicken or steak with a side. I ordered sauteed scallops with broccoli rabe. Yes, not a choice, but it was on the menu.


My scallops were cooked perfectly. I wish I had more than 3. The broccoli rabe was eh. The one from Sac’s tasted much better.

For dessert, I wanted chocolate gelato, but they were out. I got the vanilla gelato with chocolate pieces. I think it’s called something different.


It was delicious. The homemade whipped cream was fantastic too. Overall, I really enjoyed my dinner. I liked that they were able to make all of my dishes gluten free.


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