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Homemade Dinner

On the Saturday night before Thanksgiving, Brandon’s mom had us over to her new apartment for dinner. A gluten free dinner might I add. It was so sweet and thoughtful.

To start, we had a salad of arugula, yellow grape tomatoes and Aleia’s gluten free parmesan croutons.


I’ve never had the Aleia’s croutons and they were great. They were crispy and had the perfect amount of parmesan flavor.

For dinner, Ellette made chicken cacciatore over gluten free pasta..


Yum. It was a hearty chicken and vegetable sauce/stew. It had chicken, tomatoes, pearl onions, green and red peppers, carrots, potatoes and butternut squash.


Dinner was so delicious and healthy.

For dessert, I had 1 chocolate macaroon. Yes, only 1. Self control!


Oh my gosh. It was fantastic. I think it was the best macaroon I’ve ever had. It was so coconutty (I made up my own word) and light. The little chocolate drizzle put it over the top.


Dinner was fantastic, but the company was better 🙂


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