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La Pulperia

For my first Thanksgiving meal of the day, my parents, brother, Brandon and I went to La Pulperia on the upper east side for lunch! I was tasked with finding the restaurant so I could make sure that there was something I could eat. Now, not everything below is gluten free, but I want to share my Thanksgiving with you all.

My mom ordered the hanger steak with 5 seasonal variety of “cazuelitas” tasting:
eggplant chambota, Russian potato salad, celery root gratin, grilled broccoli rabe and chimichurri sauce.


My mom said her steak was cooked perfectly and she loved all the sides.

My dad and brother got the same thing, but with salmon.


They liked theirs as well.

Brandon got the ranchera empanadas: braised pork, black beans, cojita cheese, chipotle peppers, roasted corn and cilantro. He really loved them, but was upset that there was only 2 empanadas.


He ended up getting another order. I know, right?

I got the baby kale salad: carrots, beets, red onions, grilled corn, manchego cheese, deviled eggs with a pomegranate molasses vinaigrette. I also steak on top!


My salad was delicious. I really liked everything, but I thought the deviled eggs were too spicy.

The food was delicious, but the service was so-so. We were the only people in the restaurant so I wanted us to get a little more attention.

It was a little different of Thanksgiving, but it’s all about spending it with people you love.


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