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We made it to Florida! Our plane left on time, boarding was no problem and there was no turbulence. We had a delightful flight and airport experience. It was lunchtime when we got to Florida and we had to drive an hour to the hotel. We stopped halfway and found a Chili’s. I was happy I wasn’t going to have to compromise on my food choices.

I ordered off of the lighter choices menu. Everything had under 590 calories. I got the mango-chile chicken: grilled seasoned chicken breast with spicy habanero mango glaze & topped with chopped mango, cilantro, pico de gallo & diced sliced avocado. I got it with rice and broccoli.


I really liked my food, but it was a little too spicy. The chicken was cooked well and everything was seasoned well. I do wish that there was a little more food to eat, but hey, it was a lunch portion.


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