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Christmas Eve

Brandon and I were invited to one of his clients Christmas Eve dinner. It was the first time I participated in Christmas activities. I don’t want to do into too much detail, but we had a fantastic time. There was so much food, laughter and fun.

For dinner, we had a choice of pasta with either homemade red sauce or homemade white sauce. They bought me gluten free pasta and cooked it separately. I was so surprised, happy and flattered.


This brand was THE BEST gluten free I’ve tried. It was hearty, meaty and actually tasted better than regular pasta (according to Brandon). Once I finish everything in the cabinet, I will only be buying this brand in the future.

I went with the white clam and shrimp sauce, my favorite.


This was the best pasta dinner I’ve ever had. It was fantastic and better than a restaurant. There’s just something about homemade Italian food.

We has a great night. I hope you all had a great holiday season!


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