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Homemade Chicken, Vegetable and Matzah Ball Stew

I did some cooking a few weeks ago and made chicken and vegetable stew in the crock pot. I had every intention of making chicken soup, but I had too many ingredients and not enough liquid so it became a stew.

I put a whole chicken in the crock pot with a cut up onion, baby carrots and 2 stalks of cut up celery. I added water to cover everything and put it on low for a few hours until the chicken was cooked.

I took out the chicken and all the vegetables. I cut up all the vegetables into smaller pieces and took the chicken off the bone. I threw everything back into the crock pot, including the skin and bones. Brandon seasoned the soup and we let it cook for another few hours.

I was so proud of myself and it was so easy to do.


It was also very delicious. I made matzah balls too. Brandon gobbled it up!

How do you make your chicken soup? Let me know below!


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