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Valhalla Crossing

On New Years Eve, Brandon and I met his friend and his fiancé halfway for lunch. I picked Valhalla Crossing after reading about all their gluten free options online. It said they had gluten free buns, wraps, pizza, pasta, bread crumbs and dessert. My eyes couldn’t believe what they were reading and I needed to see it for myself.

As soon as we got to the restaurant, I flipped through the menu and saw it.


YES! Everything I read was true. I was so excited.


I knew I was going to get a wrap. I’ve never had a gluten free wrap, well besides a corn tortilla. I got the Thai chicken wrap which I can’t find on the menu online. Oh well. My wrap had grilled chicken, cucumber and shredded carrots in a peanut sauce. I also got French fries that were fried in the dedicated gluten free fryer!


My wrap was amazing. It didn’t fall apart and I was so happy. The French fries were really good too. I told Brandon this is going to be our new go to place to eat in Westchester because there are SO MANY gluten free options.


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